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This website is dedicated to your success in breaking the cycle of new HIV transmissions and stopping the spread of HIV. Regardless of your sexual orientation, race, age, or HIV status, we should  celebrate our collective success over the past few decades in halting the spread of HIV.



This website is also about your desire to get tested for HIV and know your HIV status. It's about your role in HIV prevention nationally and not getting infected with HIV (if you are HIV-negative) or not infecting someone (if you are HIV+). Today, more than 330 million Americans are HIV-negative, and less than 5 million are HIV+.


But how did we get here?

When did HIV status disclosure become public?

When did we accept unsafe sex as a profitable business?

Who were the pioneers who took risks and helped us understand that being HIV+ was "ok"?


What are you doing today (directly or indirectly) to continue to break the cycle of new HIV transmissions?

It all started as a selfish idea to find an HIV+ boyfriend in New York City in 1996.

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