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There are more than 330 million people living in America today*, less than 5 million Americans with HIV** and less than 1 million Americans currently taking PrEP***.  The numbers do not lie, just ask the experts.

Therefore, about 324 million (330-5-1= 324) Americans are HIV negative today not because of abstinence, increased condom usage (safe sex), strategic positioning or PrEP.  The Sexual Behavioral Change called HIV-negative Serosorting**** is the driving force behind the elimination of HIV in America today. 

Just because there is no research about HIV-negative Serosorting does not mean that it did not or is not happening (2007, Edge Media article). The numbers do not lie, just ask the HIV Researchers.

In conclusion:

Since the mid 1990's we disclosed our HIV status and as a result, we stopped HIV. Together. 


Lets explore this issue further...

* As of 6:13am 10/28/2023.

** Including those who don't know their HIV status.

*** As of 6:17am 10/28/2023.

**** Since 1996, NYC, NY, USA

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