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JUST ASK THE EXPERTS: When we physically break the cycle of new transmissions of any disease, virus or other infection we have the power to stop it from spreading. Dead in it's tracks. 

HIV is no different.

FACT CHECK: Google these questions;

1) What is the population of America? 

2) How many Americans are living with HIV?

3) How many people are taking PrEP?

    Now subtract. 

Therefore, as you are reading this there are MORE THAN 324 million Americans who are HIV-negative, LESS THAN 5 million who are HIV+ and LESS THAN 1 million who are taking PrEP. The numbers, research and scientifically proven evidence do not lie. Just ask the experts and researchers.

But, with this newfound awareness comes a new sense of understanding - HIV IN AMERICA HAS BEEN STOPPED. When you show an issue to a target population from a different perspective, you can help them to understand their success and the benefits offered for their consideration. To the HIV experts, professionals, directors and researchers this is called BEHAVIORAL CHANGE

BONUS RESEARCH IDEA: More than 324 million Americans are HIV-negative and less than 5 million are HIV+, this is because of HIV-negative Serosorting since 1996. This sexual behavior went unchecked by the medical community but, flourished with the help of the HIV+ Status Disclosure behavior.


PrEP is NOT the leading cause of this national success because the annual reports of the HIV pharmaceutical companies do not support this success. Their annual reports do not lie.

(best heard with headphones)

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